Pruning Services

Trees are an Asset

They can add considerable value to a property. Poorly maintained trees, however, can become a huge liability. Protect your assets! Keep your trees, property, and everyone around them safe! Pruning is the process of removing undesirable branches that are dead, weakened or diseased and when properly pruned the longevity of your tree increases. Proper pruning improves overall health, appearance and safety of your tree and surrounding environment. Let our ISA Certified Arborists take a look at your trees and determine which of the following types of pruning services are best for your trees.


During this service we selectively remove branches to decrease the density of a trees canopy. By doing this we allow sunlight and airflow to enter into the canopy which can greatly reduce pests, such as molds and fungi, and better facilitate fruit production. This practice also reduces “wind sail”, which, in turn, protects the trees structural integrity.

Pruning for Fruit Production

The idea behind this technique is to train a form that is strong enough to bear fruit. Every species has its own needs, and some species will bear more fruit on branches set at different angles (apples seem to bear most fruit on horizontal branches, while peaches prefer branches emerging at an upward, 45 degree angle.) Some trees bear fruit on old growth, while others bear on new growth. The time of year in which you prune a fruit tree can affect its annual production. Some trees prefer to not be pruned at all. Avocados, for instance, are typically sensitive to pruning. Even when done minimally at the right time of year, pruning can prevent the tree from fruiting that year. However, a strong form is vital in preserving your fruit trees, so a year of missed fruit is a small sacrifice.

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